Strategic and operational restructuring, acquisitions and integration

Kroton is the largest private educational company in Brazil, operating in all educational sectors. In the final restructuring phase, Kroton had 720 associated schools serving 265,000 students, 39 Superior Education presential campi in 27 Brazilian cities serving almost 90,000 students.

Luiz Kaufmann was engaged by Kroton's shareholders in 2010 to conduct a project with a one-year final deadline, that included:

  • Acquisitions, with the consequent duplication of the company's size;
  • Post merger integration;
  • Turn-around of problematic post-secondary education units;
  • Development of a management team.

The acquisition of the IUNI group duplicated the company's size. Kroton and the IUNI group had the same size but very different cultures and processes. The integration project (PMI) was carried out within 90 days of the acquisition with the support of 15 task forces. As a result, the following goals were achieved:

  • Creation of one single bigger and better company, fully integrated;
  • Adoption of a new academic model;
  • ERPs integration;
  • Streamlining of human resources with headcount reduction of 1,100 employees.
  • Capture of synergies of R$40 million/year, resulting in a shareholders' added value higher than R$400 million.