IPO and consolidation

Medial is a conglomerate of health care companies. Luiz Kaufmann was the first independent Board member of the company in 2001. On April, 2006, he assumed the Presidency with the goal of taking Medial public and preparing the company to lead a consolidation process in the industry.

On September, 2006, Medial became the first public company in the supplementary health sector, raising R$750 million.

Between 2006 and 2008, Medial doubled the quantity of beneficiaries of health care plans and its owned infrastructure, duplicated its revenues and achieved a 15-fold higher networth. In 2008, Medial had 1,500,000 beneficiaries, 11 hospitals, 50 medical centers and a networth of diagnostic medicine units.

The following actions were taken to achieve these goals:

  • Acquisitons of Amesp, E-Nova, Endomed and Grupo Saúde;
  • Creation of 3 business units: hospitals, diagnostics medicine units and dental plans;
  • Establishment of the most modern PACS/RIS in Latin America;
  • Development of a strategic partnership with Amcare Labs – Johns Hopkins Medicine International;
  • Redefinition of the company's management model, with the adoption of six-sigma methodologies, zero-base budgeting, cost control systems, KPIs, performance assessment and career planning systems;
  • Redesign of the product portfolio and deployment of client retention systems;
  • Creation of the Medial University to support the employees' development.