Portfolio and business restructuring

In 1990, Petropar was a public company with strong family control. It was active in the petrochemical and plastic transformation (non-woven, packaging, fibres and woven polypropylene).

In that year, Luiz Kaufmann assumed the position of senior member in the Presidency Office of the company. His mission included:

  • Optimize the ROI, mainly through the business portfolio restructuring;
  • Develop a professional management team and prepare the transition of family generations;
  • Prepare the group for future growth.

During his three years at Petropar, the following goals were achieved:

  • Complete restructuring of the business portfolio;
  • Duplication of the group's networth and substantial improvement of its liquidity;
  • Definition of growth strategies and joint ventures with international groups (including Crown Cork for PET bottles and cans);
  • Successful family generation transition.