Fund Raising for a Startup

Sequoia Logistics Solutions Group was created in 2010 by executives with extensive experience in the sector to provide synergic and integrated logistic solutions of fulfillment and fractioned distribution, mainly to e-commerce companies.

The group was comprised by two companies – Completa Logística and Delivera Expressa. Completa Logística offers flexible fulfillment solutions including receiving, warehousing, picking, packing and billing, with service levels based on specific need of each client. Delivera Expressa offersa complete set of solutions for the delivery of goods for industries, commerce and mainly e-commerce.

In order to grow, Sequoia needed working capital and capital to invest in automated systems.

The challenge was to raise funds for the startup still with negative results. L.Kaufmann was engaged to raise primary funds through the admission of a minority financial or strategic shareholder.

The assignment included the following tasks:

  • Advise on the preparation of information and on the review of the business plan to be presented to investors;
  • Identify potential investors;
  • Develope a business strategy aiming at maximizing the company value;
  • Conduct the negotiation with potential investors;
  • Assist on the negotiation of the subscription agreements with new investors.

Within a short period of time Sequoia raised R$17 million with an expressive valuation, while the founding shareholders kept the company's control.